‘Cockerel Gunners’ White Water Rafting Expedition’ at Rishikesh

‘Cockerel Gunners'
‘Cockerel Gunners White Water Rafting Expedition’, 20 member team commenced an expedition from Rudraprayag and will cover a distance of 150 kilometers over a period of 4 days.

Soldiers of Indian Army conducted ‘Cockerel Gunners’ White Water Rafting Expedition’ at Rishikesh in Uttrakhand on Wednesday. The expedition commenced on 26 November 2018 wherein a team comprising of 20 adventure enthusiasts of a Medium Regiment were flagged off at Rudraprayag.

According to a press release , after successfully traversing 150 kilometers across River Ganges over four days, the team was flagged in at Rishikesh. As part of its challenging journey, the team successfully negotiated numerous grade 3 and 4 Rapids. The expedition reaffirmed the Indian Army’s resolve of a strong sense of determination, grit and perseverance in face of all odds.