CISF ASI becomes messiah for US citizen, saves life by giving CPR


Assistant Sub-Inspector Parthasarthy Pal from the Central Industrial Security Force ( CISF) is a messiah for US citizen as the former saved the life of 68 year old Frank Russell at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport on July 5. The incident happened on Thursday around 11 pm when Russel de-boarded Jet Airways flight at Indira Gandhi International Airport, which came from Mumbai. Russell was further supposed to catch Air France flight bound for Paris. While walking towards the terminal, Russell suddenly fell down near international transfer in M & G area near VIP exit gate. ASI Pal who was deployed there, rushed towards him.Russell was un-concious and his heart beat stopped. Without loosing time, Pal started giving cardiopulomonary resuscitation ( CPR) to him . CPR is part of the training of all para militaryforces. Pal’s efforts paid dividend and soon Russel regained his senses.

ASI P S Pal becomes messiah for US citizen

The authorities immediately called a doctor from Medanta hospital who administerd first-aid and referred him to the hospital for further treatment. Russell is now out of danger and his condition is normal.

Pal’s prompt action has won him accolades from his collleagues and friends for saving a human life. Recognising Pal’s prompt action, CISF Director General Rajesh Ranjan has announced to award DG’s commendation Disc to Pal.

A similar incident was reported by Delhi Traffic Police when Assistant Sub-Inspector Sriram and his colleagues saved the life of a taxi driver who suffered heartache while driving.

What is CPR?

CPR, Cardio (Heart) Pulmonary (Lungs) Resuscitation (Revival) is an emergency life saving procedure which is performed on people whose heart has stopped. By pushing on the casualties chest and blowing into their mouth the rescuer is trying to keep the heart pumping and oxygen flowing around the body until an ambulance arrives.