Training of first batch of Agniveers started

Training of first batch of Agniveers.

Amid controversies in India, the training of the first batch of youth recruited in the army has started under the military recruitment scheme ‘Agnipath’ announced in 2022. A total of 40,000 Agniveers have been recruited in the first batch at different places across the country, out of which 5,500 have started training at the Artillery Center in Hyderabad.

This center is India’s largest artillery center where training has been started by dividing these 5500 Angiveers into two batches. The Golconda Artillery Center has the status of a high-class training center, in which these agniveers will also be trained with the help of simulators and automation.

This is the first batch of Agniveers recruited under Agnipath. Their 31 weeks training started on January 1, 2023. In the beginning, they will be given basic training about military operations. In this course subjects like cyber security, firing, communication system etc. will be taught. The training of the second batch of 3300 Agniveers will start from 1st March . These Agniveers will start coming to the center next month i.e. in the middle of February.

Brigadier Rajeev Chauhan, Commandant of the Artillery Center, says that the preparations for their training here are completed and the training program has been made in such a systematic way that without any hindrance Agniveer will be fully trained and deployed in Artillery units and start duty. He said that advanced technology has an important role in the training of Agniveer.

Every Agniveer will be evaluated from day one and by the end of 4 years, 25% of them will be placed in the army. The remaining 75% will be released from army service. They will not get any benefit of ex-servicemen pension etc. which is the biggest drawback of this scheme and also the cause of controversy.