DSP and lawyer wife arrested for cheating aspirants

Ludhiana police giving information about fraud in police recruitment.

This incident of Punjab is enough to alert those youths who try methods like recommendation and bribery to fulfill their desire to join police, army, para military forces etc. The racket of targeting such youths has been exposed. This entire racket was being run jointly by a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Narpinder Singh and his lawyer wife Deep Kiran. Deep Kiran used to call herself a judge. Both have been arrested by the Ludhiana police in Punjab.

Police officials said that this gang used to strike deals for Rs 5 lakh to Rs 8 lakh for recruitment as a constable and about Rs 11 lakh for recruitment as a sub-inspector. Ludhiana Police Commissioner Mandeep Singh Sidhu said that the gang was caught by Inspector Beant Juneja, in-charge of CIA-2 and Sub-Inspector Jagdeep Singh Gill, SHO of Moti Nagar police station. Deep Kiran is a resident of Sector 39 of Jamalpur and is a lawyer while Narpinder Singh is posted in Mansa Jail. Both husband and wife are about 35 years old. The search is on for two of his absconding associates Sukhdev Singh, resident of Sahnewal and Lakhwinder Singh, resident of Mandi Gobindgarh. Both of them are friends of DSP Narpinder Singh and used to trap such youths who want to join the police, who believe in shortcuts or are not able to be selected in the recruitment.

This gang , who cheated in the name of recruitment in the police , came to light after the arrest of Deep Kiran. The police caught her first when she was going in her Swift car. 10 forms of police recruitment and cash of Rs 1 lakh were found from the car. Later, the luxury Toyota Fortuner car and gold , purchased with the swindled money , were also recovered.

In Ludhiana, the police came to know about the THUG GANG when the 4 youths approached them. They were cheated by a couple on the pretext of arranging jobs in Punjab police . Hefty amount of money was taken but they could not get them the police job. Complainant said that the couple was not even returning their money. A woman police uniform has also been recovered from the gang with Shreya Kapoor name plate on it. She is also being traced.

According to the facts told by the police, the story of DSP Narpinder Singh and his lawyer wife Deep Kiran is also interesting. Both of them have had different marriages before. They came in contact with each other about two years back. Deep Kiran was a member of the Motor Accident Claims Tribunal earlier and used to visit Ludhiana Central Jail in connection with work. DSP Narpinder Singh was also posted in the same jail during that period . Both got to know each other and became friends. About a year and a half ago, they got married in a temple in Kapurthala.

Modus operandi of cheats :

Sukhdev Singh and Lakhwinder Singh used to search the target youths who were aspiring for recruitment. They introduced them to advocate Deep Kiran by saying that she was a judge. Then Deep Kiran used to send him to Mansa Jail to meet DSP Narpinder Singh. Due to this, the youth used to get satisfied that their work would be done and they used to give huge amounts under the impression that they would get the work done .