Role of Military wife in fight against COVID 19


It was a rather silent Wednesday morning of 25 March 2020, no noise of passing trains, no thundering noise of aircraft galloping into the sky, no running motors and no loud chitchatting of domestic helps. It was very evident as to what was in store for next 21 days of Corona imposed lockdown. While our husbands still got into cautious work schedules, our lives as Sanginis did seem coming to an unusual pause. Social distancing, additional precautions and extra care were more visible aspects of routine life.


Time and again, we the Sanginis faced multiple challenges in our daily routine. But the current threat is not only challenging but also impose life threatening consequences. Our defences, this time, needs to be pitched at that much higher level as all efforts are required to save the mankind. The social media and the news channels did not leave any stone unturned in spreading the awareness about the deadly virus and brining out aspects to control and prevent the spread. But what do we do staying at home? Though we understand that staying home itself contributes largely to prevent the spread, but our responsibilities doesn’t get restricted by this imposed lockdown. Its not only the Government, the hardworking Health and medical department, civil admin and our own sincere efforts of the station authorities, alone going to pull us out of this dangerous scenario, but as the responsible citizens of this country our efforts are equally required.


So as Sanginis, how do we contribute? We are required to put together our sincere thoughts and efforts to help in all the way we can. Staying at home we can help by making masks, help the authorities in making sanitizers, make handwash, paper bags and gloves and contribute them towards the cause. We need to use internet in getting to learn to make these things which will prove to be really useful as these commodities are becoming rare in the market and medical store. We need to spread the importance of lockdown and being disciplined. We need to be ready to volunteer in preparing food in case of situation so demands. We need to help the Doctors, medical staff in taking care of their families who face graver danger in treating the patients.

I can go on in enumerating our responsibilities, but unless we think and act, we cannot counter this threat easily. It is time that we as a responsible group of Sanginis join hand passively, while still maintaining social distancing contribute immensely. To counter the threat, we need to contribute financially and any help at this stage will not be meagre. Remember the first lines of our song reiterating “Samriddhi va Swabhimaan” and by contributing our bit we as Sanginis will help the cause in saving the mankind and fight this threat together.

(Author of the article is wife of Indian Air Force officer)


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