INDRA 2018 : joint exercise of Indian and Russian Armies

INDRA 2018
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The joint military exercise between Indian and Russia EXERCISE INDRA 2018 on combating insurgency under the aegis of United Nations (UN) is being conducted at Babina Field Firing Ranges at Babina Military Station from 18 November. Company sized contingents of the 5th Army of the Russian and a Mechanized Infantry Battalion of India will participate in the training exercise spanning for eleven days including induction and de-induction of the Russian contingent. The training INDRA 2018 , will be supervised by a joint directing panel comprising of senior officials of both the national contingents.

According to Defence Ministry press release, the aim of the exercise is to practice joint planning and conduct to enhance interoperability of the two Armies in the peace keeping/ enforcement environment under the aegis of the United Nations. INDRA 2018 focuses upon training on enhancing team building, special tactical level operations such as Cordon and Search, house intervention, handling and neutralisation of Improvised Explosive Devices and integrated employment of force multipliers. The primary focus of the tactical field exercise is to share best practices amongst the militaries and hone existing skills of the troops in the backdrop of interoperability between the two Armies in the peace keeping/ enforcement environment.

According to press release, the topics chosen for the exercise are both live and contemporary affecting both the nation alike.

The tenth exercise in the series of Exercise INDRA is aimed at sending a strong message to the world with an intent of appreciation of interoperability between Indian and Russian Armies for joint tactical level operations in the peace keeping / enforcement environment under the aegis of UN.