A pride moment for this Punjabi family , a third generation Fauji

Lieutenant Navteshwar Singh in OTA Chennai

Navteshwar Singh had not even seen his father properly but he had nurtured the dream of following his footsteps ,  joining the army and serving the country,  even in early childhood. Exactly  what his father Major Harminder Pal Singh did. getting inspired from  his father  Captain Harpal Singh. Now it is a feeling of more  pride for the family that  young Navteshwar Singh has also become a part of the same Battalion , 18 Grenadiers,  in which his father served till last breath .

  The family of Lieutenant Navteshwar Singh is a resident of Mundi Kharar in Ropar district of Punjab. The Indian Army has proudly released the picture of Navteshwar Singh ,commissioned in the Army , on its official social media handle. It is also mentioned  that Nateshwar has increased his heritage and tradition.
” The young officer steps into his father’s shoes and gets commissioned in the same Unit, taking forward the rich legacy of the family”, mentioned the post.

Bravery of Major Harminder Pal Singh:

Nateshwar Singh was just three months old when his father Major Harminder Pal Singh sacrificed his life. That was  on April 13, 1999, when Major Harmidar Pal Singh along with 50 of his men reached Sudarkut Bala, a village in Baramulla district of Jammu and Kashmir. They had  received the information  of the presence of terrorists in the village.  The terrorists hiding inside started firing as soon as they found themselves cordoned.  A bullet hit Major Harminder Singh in the arm but he went ahead and continued fighting the terrorists. Not only   this, without caring for his life, he went near that window and fired at the terrorists hiding inside and killed two. Meanwhile, the third terrorist hiding there shot him in the head but Major Harminder Pal Singh fought the enemy till his last breath.

Major Harminder Pal Singh , Shaurya Chakra ( posthumously)
Major Harminder Pal Singh was  conferred with  the Shaurya Chakra (posthumously) , for demonstrating the high level of commitment, courage  and bravery while performing his duty.