Indian Army is preparing for big changes, indicates commanders conference

Indian Army
Minister of defence for state Dr. Subhash Bhamre interacts with the officers of Indian Army during the Army Commanders’ Conference #ACC18, in New Delhi. Photo : ADGPI

The Indian Army Commander’s Conference reviewed in detail, the current operational, administrative and human resource challenges being faced by the force. The collegium of its commanders also discused the ideas and implementation of the policies to be drafted, on the basis of different studies, in phase manner. Creating Integrated Battle Groups (IBG) and enhancing language skills of the ranks was very an important part of these discussions.

The Army Commanders’ Conference, an apex level biannual event, which formulates important policy decisions through collegiate deliberations concluded here in the New Delhi.

According to Defence Ministry’s press release four major studies currently underway were presented to the collegium. The focus of the studies is holistic integration thereby enhance the operational & functional efficiency, optimise budget expenditure, facilitate force modernization and address aspirations.

The first study on ‘Re-organisation and Rightsizing of the Indian Army’ is focused on the operational structures to make them efficient, future ready by taking into account the operational situation on Western and Northern Borders. The second study is on ‘Re-organisation of the Army Headquarters’, aimed at integration and preclude the redundancies. Over a period of time, with emerging scenarios; new structures have emerged and measures to integrate and synergise the same is underway. The third study on ‘Cadre Review of Officers’ is aimed to incorporate the proposed reorganization, restructuring and endeavours balanced cadre to meet the aspirations of the officers’ cadre. The collegium further deliberated on the longer tenure of flag ranks with a view to ensure better continuity, achievements of objectives and aspirations. The fourth study on ‘Review of Terms of Engagement of Rank and File’is aimed to harness the higher life expectancy, ensure younger profile and ensure due motivation.

The collegium has concluded that the above studies will be implemented progressively in a phased manner. The phases will comprise requisite refinements of the studies making them pragmatic for implementation. It has also been decided that all operational aspects of the studies will be validated through test bedding them in exercises. During the deliberations, many options have been discussed and it has been decided that all value-inputs will be factored,360 degrees evaluation to be undertaken, course-corrections to be instituted if required and implement the same with specific timelines.

The collegium further deliberated on the ‘enhancing linguistic skill in the Indian Army’. The necessity and methodology to enhance expertise in Indian and international languages has been established.

State Defence Minister Subhash Bhamre addressed the Army Commanders’ Conference. He lauded the Indian Army’s efforts in contribution to Nation building and assured the government’s commitment for facilitating the desired capability development. Dr Subhash Bhambre expressed his satisfaction on the conduct of the deliberations during the conference.