Why is social media praising Uttarakhand police officer?


New Delhi: A brave police officer has become a hero on social media after he was seen protecting a young man from the fury of a mob. Police officer Gagandeep Singh posted in Ramnagar, had received information of trouble and rushed to the stop where he found a man being heckled by a large gathering of people threatening to turn violent. Sensing the trouble for this young man, Singh physically protected this man who was surrounded by atleast 50 people.A video shot by a person present on the scene has earned praise for the police officer.
This is not first time when a man in khaki has done his duty without caring for his/her life. What is most praise worthy in this video is that the officer used his skills to protect this man from the mob fury. Kudos for the brave police officer who has proved yet again – police is for you, with you, to help you. Somebody in a tweet wrote ,” We need more police officers like Gagandeep in our country”.