Retirement of sniffer Tara: Heart touching moments in Adilabad

Retirement ceremony of sniffer dog Tara organised in Adilabad District of Telangana
A heart touching scene was witnessed at the police headquarters of Adilabad district of Telangana state when a retirement ceremony was organized for sniffer dog Tara.  Female dog Tara had played an important role in finding clues and detecting explosives during her service with the police department for twelve years.

Apart from other officials, Superintendent of Police of Adilabad Gausha Alam also attended the farewell program. He honoured Tara with a garland and mentioned her contribution during her tenure in the department.

Tara, a trained Labrador dog, played a key role in detecting explosives including RDX, ammunition, TNT, PEK, Cordex and other materials in Adilabad district during her 12-year career.

The farewell and retirement ceremony of Tara (tara dog) was organised on Tuesday. According to a press release handler Somanna and Tara performed their duties with full dedication, especially played an important role in searching the VIP event stage and other places.

The video of Tara’s retirement ceremony is also going viral on social media and search engines. It has been viewed by about 2 lakh people and thousands have commented. In the video, police officers are seen putting a garland around Tara’s neck or draping her with Ang Vastram as a mark of respect.