A Royal farewell to SP Vandita Rana, Ranjeeta Sharma is the new SP of Dausa

SP Vandita Rana dressed like a groom during her farewell ceremony.
It is the wedding season in North India. Hence, dancing wedding processions carrying the groom on a mare on the streets ,accompanied with band musicians,  drums etc. are the usual sights.
But, on Tuesday morning, one such wedding procession in Dausa city of Rajasthan shocked people. Actually it was neither a wedding procession nor a groom on a horse. There was a woman dressed like a groom and the band members were policemen in khaki uniform as usually seen in police parades.  People’s interest increased especially when it was revealed that the person riding the mare as a groom was actually Dausa’s superintendent of police Vandita Rana.

Actually, it was a kind of program, organised by Kotwali police station ,  to bid farewell to IPS Vandita Rana with royal pomp in public. This way the citizens of the city were also given an opportunity to participate in the police function.  Vandita Rana, the first ever woman SP posted in Dausa, has been transferred to District Sirohi.

IPS Ranjeeta Sharma is the new SP of Dausa

On this occasion, SP Vandita Rana, remembering her tenure in Dausa, said that she has received immense love from the people and police personnel  here, which she will never forget. She said that only after being posted here, she came to know that the people here are law-abiding citizens and cooperative  with the law enforcers. She said that being a woman SP in Dausa, she did not face much trouble.

Interestingly, the command of Dausa has now been again  handed over to a woman IPS officer Ranjeeta Sharma. She is a 2019 batch IPS officer of Rajasthan cadre but not an ordinary officer.

 Ranjeeta Sharma  is the first woman IPS officer , across the country ,  to receive the ‘Sword of Honor Award’ of the IPS Association. This award is given on the basis of performance in outdoor training. Usually male trainee officers have received this award, but Ranjita Sharma changed this history and registered this award in her name.

There were a total of 144 trainee officers from across the country in IPS Batch 2019. During the training, Ranjeeta Sharma had achieved the feat of winning eight trophies out of the total 50 trophies distributed. Interestingly she also found her life partner in the same batch.

IPS Ranjeeta Sharma was posted in Kotputli before coming to Dausa. Ms. Ranjeeta is originally a resident of village Dahina in Rewari district of Haryana. She takes interest in Yoga  and wanted to be a journalist. Ranjeeta Sharma  did her post-graduation in journalism from the Indian Institute of Mass Communication, one of the most prestigious institutions of journalism in India. After this she worked for several years in the field of public relations.

 How much hardworking and determined Ranjeeta Sharma is ? This  can be gauged from the fact that even after failing the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examination five times, she did not give up and ultimately passed the examination and became an IPS. .

By the way, her husband Sagar is also an IPS officer of the 2019 batch. Sagar was allotted the West Bengal cadre but being his wife of a Rajasthan cadre, he got his cadre changed to Rajasthan as per rules. However, he had to struggle a lot to get this done because the West Bengal government did not want to release him due to the shortage of IPS officers in the state. For this, the West Bengal government had fought till the Supreme Court but Sagar won in this.