Heart breaking post from martyred IAF pilot Samir Abrol’s wife

Samir Abrol
File Photo

In the most difficult moment of her life, widow of martyred Indian Air Force Pilot Samir Abrol, Garima has penned down her thoughts on sequence of events surrounding the crash of upgraded Mirage 2000 aircraft.  Air Force Squadron Leader Samir Abrol and Squadron Leader Siddhartha Negi were flying the plane for an acceptance test flight on Friday after it had been upgraded by the HAL there. Indian Air Force’s Mirage 2000 had crashed at HAL airport in Bengaluru.

” With broken bones, all but a black box was found”, she wrote. His ejection was safe but parachute caught fire. Shattered the family and all that he desired”. She goes on describe his condition after the plane crashed and says,” Never had he breathed so heavy, as for the last time.While the bureaucracy enjoyed corrupt cheese and wine.

She does not hide her anger when she says,” We give our warriors outdated machines to fight, they still deliver it with prowess and might”. Incidently, Samir’s father in conversation with leading English daily said that his son Samir loved to fly Mirage 2000.

Garima says,” Once again a martyr was killed, as he fell from the sky onto the ground. She furher adds,” Unforgiving and thankless is a job of test pilot, someone has to risk it to show others light. ” Proud of my husband, fights on always my BATMAN”, brave pilot’s wife concludes.