Goodbye old law, Govt allows construction work in border areas

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The government has allowed developmental and construction work of small nature in border areas. A decision to this effect was taken on the request from State governments. According to the Defence Ministry press statement, in supersession of all previous orders, fresh guidelines were issued on Tuesday (November 27, 2018 ) on security restrictions of construction activities in border areas which are also not fully facilitating construction and developmental works of small nature in that areas.

The state governments pointed out that the construction or developmental work in border areas was affected because of the Defence ministry’s guidelines and hence requested for permission to do development work of small nature. Conceding the demand of state governments, the Government gave a go ahead to developmental works of small nature like construction, repair and maintenance of village ponds, construction and maintenance of government buildings like schools, hospitals etc by Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) and other Central and State Government Statutory bodies for faster development in those areas.

As per new order, security considerations for construction and other activities in border areas or other areas issued by the Defence ministry will not be applicable for the above mentioned development works in border areas.
According to officials, Security restrictions guidelines of the ministry dated October 31 1990, were restrictive in nature towards developmental activities near border areas.