Major General A K Dhingra becomes first Special Operations Division Commander

Maj General A K Dhingra
Maj General A K Dhingra

Major General AK Dhingra has been given new responsibility to head country’s first tri-services Special Operations Division ( AFSOD) comprising commandos from all three services. Maj Gen Dhingra has a vast experience in several crucial operations. A Special Forces veteran, Dhingra is from elite 1 Para Special Forces Regiment. He has done Special Operations courses in the US also.  Maj Gen Dhingra was part of the Indian Peacekeeping Force Operations in Sri Lanka. Also he has been closely associated with combat operations.

What will the division do?

The Division is meant to undertake any major counter-terrorism operation both within and outside the country.  Formed by the government , the Armed Forces Special Operations Division (AFSOD) will undertake joint operations by three services and will have elements from the Army’s Parachute Regiments SF, Marine Commandos (MARCOS) of the Navy and the Garud Commandos of the Indian Air Force.

The new division will work under the tri-services Integrated Defence Staff and it will be based in Agra or Bangalore.

The government gave clearance for the division last year. It also decided that defence cyber agency should be set up and Rear Admiral Mohit Gupta has been given the responsibility.