Need to implement witness protection scheme for better conviction rate

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Lack of Witness Protection is one of the major reasons amongst others for low conviction rate in India. There is only marginal increase in the conviction rate during last few years. According to the latest publish report of the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), Conviction Rate (CVR) of IPC crimes at national level during 2014 – 2016 is between 45 % to 47%. Infact Conviction Rate saw downwards trend in 2016. As per data available with NCRB conviction rate in 2014 was 45.1% where as in 2015 it reached at 46.9% but in 2016 the same was 46.8 percent.

Police’ and ‘Public Order’ are State subjects under the Seventh Schedule of the Constitution of India. Hence, State Governments are responsible for prevention, detection, registration and investigation of crime and for prosecuting the criminals through their law enforcement agencies.

Above mentioned facts are the part of a written reply, given by the Union Minister of State for Home Affairs, Hansraj Gangaram Ahir in Lok Sabha today. However, a Witness Protection Scheme, 2018 was prepared by the Ministry of Home Affairs and submitted to the Supreme Court of India and Court in its order (on 5.12.2018) in a Writ Petition has approved the said Witness Protection Scheme, 2018. The scheme has come into effect from the date of the Judgement.