Campaign ‘Love for Fountain Pen’ launched on World Environment Day

Rakshak World Foundation celebrated World Environment Day with the employees of the State Bank of India. On this occasion, the bank employees personally took a pledge to make such efforts so that the damage to the environment can be reduced. Rakshak World Foundation presented fountain pen and ink sets to SBI employees on the occasion under #LoveForFountainPen campaign. With these pens, the employees filled the resolution letters and promised to protect the environment.

Foundation’s  President Sanjay Vohra said that this campaign makes people aware to stop the use of ballpoint pens because they are harmful to the environment as they can’t be reused or recycled. The slogan of the campaign ‘ No More Use and Throw – Soch Badlo ‘,  makes people aware of the damage caused to the environment by all kinds of goods that are thrown away after one use. These include bags , envelopes , bottles , disposable cups , plates , glasses , spoons and other packaging materials made from substandard materials that end up in landfills or water bodies when discarded .  These are manufactured by plastic and other  non-biodegradable materials.  In this way, this waste harms nature with its chemical side effects.
Although such harmful waste is a big problem in the cities, it is creating a more complicated situation in hilly areas. Sanjay Vohra shared his experience when he observed heaps of garbage and litter in  mountainous rural areas of Kashmir. Actually there are no means of collecting , removing  and disposing of the garbage safely. Sometimes because  of difficult terrain , it is not even possible to remove the garbage from there.

Sharing his experience during his recent visit to Kashmir and Ladakh, Sanjay Vohra said that in many places local residents are increasing this waste unknowingly. At the same time, the ever-increasing number of tourists in these areas is also continuously increasing the waste.

SBI was  the associate partner for the event organised in the premises of SBI’s Dilshad Garden Branch , Delhi . Branch’s Chief Manager Alok Singh Hingwasia said that although we are aware of the environmental challenges, the bank aims to discourage the use of materials and methods in its functioning that harm the environment. It is the priority of the government and banks to promote digital banking to minimise the use of paper .   He stressed the need to do more work in this direction, both institutionally and individually. Mr. Hingvasia praised the  initiative of Rakshak World Foundation, describing the ‘Love for Fountain Pen’ campaign as unique.

The employees of the bank participated in the discussion on this occasion and shared information about the measures they are adopting in their lives to save nature from various types of pollution.  Sharad Sharma acted as the coordinator of the program on behalf of the Foundation.

Bank employees participated in the discussion ,  shared the ideas they adopt for reducing wastage.  Sanjay Vohra appreciated the initiative of the SBI for providing logistics support for conducting the event.
What is ‘Love for Fountain Pen’:

Under the ‘Love for Fountain Pen’ campaign of Rakshak World Foundation, fountain pens and  pencils are being distributed among the people. People write a promise in this ‘Sustainability Pledge’ to adopt good habits for making the planet pollution free. This campaign is unique too  because under this such old fountain pens are being deposited which people do not use. These pens will be delivered to students or people who can use them.