This is how alert Traffic cop Praveen saved life of newborn

पुलिसकर्मी प्रवीण की गोद में लावारिस नवजात.

Even as Delhiites continue to fight against rising pollution in the National Capital, an unknown person, taking advantage of early morning smog, left a new born child in the bushes on the road side of R K Puram on Wednesday morning. Traffic policemen who were keeping a close eye on the traffic on that road, spotted new born. This certainly was a God’s grace that these men in dark blue pant and white shirt came to rescue of abandoned new born.

Interestingly, these traffic policemen were busy managing the traffic and nabbing violators of traffic rule when Praveen Singh, traffic cop, spotted new born lying in the bushes near the footpath of the road. Singh searched for parent/parents of the abandoned child and then informed his superiors.

Traffic Inspector quickly dialed police control room for help and abandoned new born was rushed to the nearest hospital. According to doctors, if there had been any further delay, it would have affected the health of the new born.

Traffic police personnel have appreciated the efforts of traffic cops and have shared photos of the incident on social media.Delhi police official shared these photos and information with On behalf of Rakshaknews, we would like to thank the Traffic Police for being kind hearted and sensitive towards the mankind.