Meet Amna Baig, the real life `Miss cool’, cop, who offers help 24 x7


Police officer Amna Baig is not any conventional desi police officer …! she is much more than meets the eye. She is an ambitious young woman officer from Pakistan who’s extremely popular among her colleauges and common people because of her dedication and commitment to the job. The no nonsense approach towards law offenders has won her accolades of being cool, sensitive and positive. In a short span of three years in service, Amna has won appreciation from colleagues. She is brave and straight forward. Her grip on the work and ability to communicate police decisions has won the hearts of many.

Her profile photo on twitter

ASP in Punjab police , Amna Baig can certainly give fashion models run for money because she looks like a professional model. She joined the police force three years ago but it looks as if she has been there for years. Incidently, several members including women in her family have served the police at different positions and locations.

police officer Amna is a good cook too

Interestingly, her twitter handle is intriguing. Appi is usually used for elderly and married woman and Amna is neither elderly nor married yet she has used appi after her name in the twitter account. Amna’s reflexes are sharp and her response to situation is sharp. This Haryanvi speaking police officer purposely joined the police force to avoid marriage’.

She got ramp installed at the police station, for the convenience of different challenged

So sensitive is this young officer that she got ramp installed in the old building of police station so that differently challenged can easily approach the police for help.

Having open and liberated thoughts, Amna is equally sensitive.She does not hesitate in offering help to the needy or guiding people. From helping poor in his daughter’s marriage or victim of sexual harassment, Amna Baig does not hesitate in seeking help from experts.

This officer from Pakistan’s Punjab are is currently posted in Gujarat district but her fan followers on Twitter and Facebook are from several places.Some of them are from police department as well. She used to recceive text messages everyday, many of which used to best wishes and blessings.

Once, Iftaar party was organised in police station and Amna Baig patiently listened to people


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