Lahore connection behind modernization of Delhi’s traffic light signals

Delhi Traffic Police
Lahore traffic Police

Rival warring adversaries eagerly watch each other’s surreptitious moves regarding acquisition of deadly armaments for perennially enhancing their military superiority. With an equal exuberant enthusiasm they critically monitor progressive developmental activities taking place cloistered beyond their securely barricaded barriers.

Aiming to suitably modernize traffic signals in metropolis of Delhi, we put up a comprehensive computerized proposal for marching ahead shoulder to shoulder with the community of developed nations. However the brawny brains of bigwigs manning powerful ministries treading at snail’s pace remained basking in brazenness of their self proclaimed mental superiority. Potent path breakers appeared reluctant to shell out an extra buck required for our futuristic project.

Our untiring superiors however appeared determined in ensuring that this pivotal pilot project saw light of the day for keeping up pace with rapidly accelerated times. Making a fresh renewed attempt vigorously, cited the example of Lahore city, a Metro situated a few miles west of hastily drawn Radcliffe line by mindless Raj Rulers, which proudly boasted of automated traffic lights.

This simple narration of facts was sufficient to advent an avalanche of traditional rivalries born out of a vertical communal divide created by fanatic, “self proclaimed protectors of faith”.Decision makers disgustingly abhorred the idea of burly trans-Ravi Panjabis brimming with pride, twirling their moustaches towards towering skies while watching their precious prized possession which ensured a smooth orderly flow of traffic.

This prestigious project of Delhi Traffic Police was immediately given a green signal for speeding ahead full astern.Subsequently to begin with, a team of Traffic officers was dispatched post-haste to London to study, evaluate and trigger a compatible modern computerized traffic signal system for the ancient historical heritage city of Delhi.

Well said William Shakespeare, the most illustrious literary figure of English language,”all is well that end’s well”.

(This is a decades old interesting story from archives of Delhi Traffic Police. Author is former Deputy Commissioner of Delhi Police and was posted as an officer in traffic police. Article is based on his experience.)