ATS Inspector Yatindra Sharma deletes resignation post from FB within 24 hrs

ATS एएसपी राजेश साहनी
एटीएस इंस्पेक्टर यतींद्र शर्मा. Photo/Facebook

Lucknow: ATS Inspector Yatindra Sharma who had announced his resignation from his department on his facebook wall, after the tragic death of ATS Additional Superintendent of Police ( ASP) Rajesh Sahni, has retracted now. On his facebook wall, the emotional Sharma announced that he was withdrawing his resignation and deleted the previous one. He retracted within 24 hours.

On Wednesday, His post read that he was very shocked and sad about the suicide of ASP Rajesh Sahni. Conceding that he became emotional and announced about the resignation. On Thursday evening his FB post said that he was inspired by Sahni’s commitment towards his department and hence decided to follow the suit. While writing Sharma stated that he would not resign. Instead he vowed to do more hard work and do his job with more honesty. He maintained that he and his department would stand by late ASP Sahni’s family. Sharma had created furour in the UP ATS by uploading a posting on his facebook wall in which he announced about his resignation two days after Sahni’s suicide. inspector Sharma posted news about his resignation on his facebook wall on Wednesday night. In the facebook post on Wednesday night, Sharma expressed his distress over what he described as “the existing misdeeds in the police department”.In the latest post, he was silent on what he meant by “the existing misdeeds in the police department”. Sharma may have realised his mistake but the issue raised by him is very serious. Senior UP ATS officers will have to deal with the issue at the earliest.