Last Journey of Brave Uncle BSF Commandant Davinder Singh

Commandant Davinder Singh
Last Journey of BSF Commandant Davinder Singh (Right).

Wrapped in tricolor, the coffin carried by the fellow men in uniform with sounding trumpets, accompanied by his strong hearted family was merely a tip of legacy that Commandant Davinder Singh, a man with exceptional integrity, charming behaviour, outstanding soldiering abilities, experience of having served in the United Nations, Kashmir, Manipur, Rajasthan, Faculty of Studies and IT cell, left us with! Even after closing his eyes he lightened up someone’s darkened world by donating his eyes. It is one of the few moments that make you realise that a life though short lived but with substance and value added is worth it.

He had always known that he was left with very less time and had a heart pacemaker, but that didn’t affect his attitude towards life or his dedication to duty at all. He would often tell his son Jaskaran and Gavin that he didn’t want any tears when he go, he wanted them to play his favourite songs’ list instead. Equally positive and strong are his sons.

Commandant Davinder Singh
Last Rituals of BSF Commandant Davinder Singh completed by his Elder Son Jaskaran.

Jaskaran didn’t allow a single tear to roll down his cheeks. He said that it would have been unacceptable to his dad for that fact that he had promised him that he wouldn’t cry, and also he emphasized that had his dad been in his place he wouldn’t have cried either. Its been rightly said that family is the foundation of character building. Davinder Singhji’s father, a man in his 80s, who witnessed the horror of partition when moving to India, lost his daughter last year in August and now its his son. Must have been extremely difficult for him, but the old man saluting the flagged coffin didn’t allow his grief to over power.

Mrs Singh a lady with an iron heart seemed the backbone of the entire family, holding them all together, totally devasted seeing her husband leaving so early, but strong enough to simultaneously carry the burden of the folded tricolor passed over to her. Yes for sure the tricolor is extremely heavy for the fact that it carried and symbolised the condolences and solidarity of 1.25 billion Indians.

We all pray that god gives them more strength and courage. We all share their pain and we all stand with them. Its nation’s loss.

Jai Hind!

Prasannjeet Rathore

Commandant Davinder Singh
Prasannjeet Rathore (son of BSF Commandant Y S Rathore) and Commandant Davinder Singh’s elder son Jaskaran.

Note : Writer of the article Prasannjeet Rathore , is son of BSF Commandant Y S Rathore (A batchmate and friend of Davinder Singh). Prasannjeet is also friend of Commandant Davinder Singh’s elder son Jaskaran. Commandant Davinder Singh died due to cardiac arrest on Wednesday evening in New Delhi . Joined BSF in 1993 as Assistant Commandant, Davinder Singh was 49 years old and according to his wish, family donated his eyes.


  1. Nicely worded article by Prasanjeet Rathore, Late Commandant Davinder Singh , a gem officer who had shown us a path of a dedicated and sincere soul BSF officer. A true gentleman. We miss you sir..

    Thank you paramjeet for writing this…

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