“It’s ok to be mediocre”: sole survivor of chopper crash, Shaurya Chakra awardee Varun Singh wrote to students of his school



Shaurya Chakra awardee Varun Singh, lone survivor in the military chopper crash in Tamil Nadu, has survived Wednesday night and doctors have reportedly stated that next 48 are critical for him. His family, friends, relatives and colleagues are praying for his speedy recovery.

Even as Forty year old Group Captain continues to flight for his life in Bengaluru hospital, he has already inspired students, defence personnel and masses. Singh was conferred with Shaurya Chakra in August this year  for showing exemplary courage and total conviction in handling Tejas fighter jet in October 2020 when the fighter jet faced a major technical issue during his sortie. Singh who is known for his calmness and strong conviction, successfully landed the Tejas aircraft despite losing control of the fighter jet due to multiple technical glitches.

Group Captain Varun Singh who wrote a letter to the principal of his school in Haryana after he got Shaurya Chakra has gone viral on social media. He studied in Army school in Chandimandir in Haryana.  He wrote this letter exactly one month and three days after he was conferred with Shaurya Chakra. In his letter dated September 18 , he wrote,” It is ok to be mediocre. Not everyone will excel at school and not everyone will be able to score in the 90s.If you do, its an amazing achievement and must be applauded.”

Group Captain Varun Singh’s letter to Army School principal Image 1

“ However if you don’t , do not think that you are meant to be mediocre. You may be a mediocre but it is by no means a measure of things to come in life,” he wrote.  Find your calling, it could be art, music, graphic design. literature etc. Whatever you work towards, be dedicated, do your best. Never go to bed thinking I could have put in more efforts”,he further wrote. ..He stated that he could barely score First division in class 12th. He also lacked confidence but the destiny gave him his share of name and fame when he was posted to a Tejas aircraft squadron. His credentials as an Experimental Test Pilot bagged him the exciting posting.

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He wrote,”never lose hope, never think that you cannot be good at what you want to be.It will not come easy.itwill take effort. It will require sacrifice of time and comfort. I was mediocre and today I have reached difficult milestones in my career. Don’t think that 12th board marks decide what you are capable of achieving in life. Believe in yourself and work towards it.”

Singh’s father K P Singh has retired from Army and brother Tanuj is working in Navy.