Multinational tri services military exercise Bright Star 23 starts in Egypt

Bright Star 23 Egypt

Troops of more than 30 nations are participating in Bright Star 23, a multi nation tri services  military exercise , started in Egypt. Exercise is led jointly by the United States and Egyptian Armed Forces. The exercise is being organised at different locations including  Mohamed Naguib Military Base in Egypt and will continue till September 14.

Indian Navy Ship INS Sumedha in exercise


It is the largest ever joint military exercise in the Middle East and  North Africa region. Approximately 1,500 U.S. military service members are participating  in BRIGHT STAR 23 with a focus on regional security and cooperation while promoting interoperability in conventional and irregular warfare scenarios. Participating military service members will conduct field training exercises, a command post exercise focused on military decision-making processes, military academics, command and control operations, combined Joint Task Force planning, and a senior level leadership seminar.

Indian troops have also reached the different locations of the Bright Star 23 . This is the first time that the Indian Air Force and Indian Navy are participating in BRIGHT STAR 23 , an exercise  which strengthens the critical defence partnership between different Nations .

Indian Navy ‘s Ship INS Sumedha, commanded by Commander MC Chandeep, reached Port Alexandria in Egypt on 06 September to participate in BRIGHT STAR- 23. INS Sumedha is the third ship of the indigenously built Saryu class Naval Offshore Patrol Vessels (NOPV) that possess long endurance, are fitted with requisite weapons, sensors, and capable of embarking an integral helicopter.

Troops in Bright Star 23

The Indian Air Force contingent has also reached  to participate for the first time  in the Bright Star 23.  IAF’s contingent  comprises five MiG-29 aircraft, two IL-78 aircraft, two C-130 aircraft and two C-17 aircraft. In addition , personnel from the IAF’s  Garud Special Forces and members of the four squadrons ( Numbers 28, 77, 78, and 81 Squadrons) are  actively participating.