Now general public is informing about terrorists: Lt Gen D P Pandey

Lt Gen D P Pandey
Lt Gen D P Pandey

Indian Army’s 15 corps’s Commander Lieutenant General D P Pandey said that policy to end terrorism and bring normalcy in Jammu and Kashmir is crystal clear. The results are visible. In an exclusive chat with Rakshak News, Lt General Pandey spoke on terrorism and security forces issues. Lt Gen Pandey who specializes in security matters, assumed the office as Core Commander of 15 Corps four months ago. Maximum number of terror related incidents are reported under the jurisdiction of 15 Core command.

Lt Col Pandey said that the target of his commandant is to eliminate white color terrorists and army and security forces are closely working on it. White color terrorists are those who provide financial support to terrorists, make plan for them for execution. He claimed that those who supported terrorists and seperatists have been exposed.

Fifty seven year old Lt General Pandey who has an experience in handling infiltration and terrorist activity, said that there has been a sea change in the ground situation in Jammu and Kashmir. Incidents of stone pelting have come down. The moral of security forces has gone up. The local administration has seen a positive change. According to him, local people have started give tips on terrorists and their activities which was not the case earlier.

Lt Gen D P Pandey
Lt Gen D P Pandey with Sanjay Vohra (Editor,

Lt General maintained that the availability of latest equipments and other supplies have helped security forces to fight terrorists with ease. This has led to decrease in the number of casualities on the part of security forces.

15 Corps: Background

15 Corps is also known as Chinar Corps Indian Army. Presently located in Srinagar, the 15 corps is mainly responsible for military operations in the Kashmir Valley. It has participated in all military conflicts with Pakistan and China till date.

Raised in 1916 as part of the British Indian Army during the First World War for operations in Egypt and France, 15 corps was disbanded after two years in 1918. In 1942, it was raised again to combat operations in Burma during World War II. After world war II, it served in Java and Sumatra. It was again disbanded in Karachi in 1947. It was re-raised after India became independent as part of the Indian Army, in 1948 as HQ Jammu and Kashmir Force.

It has undergone changes till its final redesignation as HQ 15 Corps in 1955 in Udhampur. In June 1972, HQ Northern Command was raised to take over operational control of Jammu & Kashmir. HQ 15 Corps moved to Srinagar to take charge of the Kashmir Valley and Ladakh. After Operation Vijay, HQ 15 Corps was made solely responsible for military operations in the Kashmir Valley.