Major Handa had pressurised Major Dwivedi’s wife (Mrs India Earth finalist) for marriage: Delhi Police

Major Nikhil Handa arrested for allegedly killing colleague's wife

Residents of Delhi Cantonment area on Sunday morning woke up to a shocking news. The news report of murder of 30 year old wife of a Major, was splashed in all the national daily newspapers. News channels, national and local, covered the police investigations throughout the day .

The body of Shailza, wife of Major Amit Dwivedi was found near metro station in Delhi Cantonment on Saturday. The police said that women’s throat was slit and she was lying in a pool of blood. Also there were marks on her body that appear to have been caused by being run over by a vehicle. The police suspect she could have been murdered first and then run over by the killer.

Who killed Shailza? 

According to the police, Shailza had gone to the Army Hospital for physiotherapy at 10 in the morning. Her body was found at 1 pm. Her identity was ascertained after the Major went to the police station around 4 pm to get a missing complaint lodged. Delhi Police started working on various theories including extra-marital affair. The information which the police had was that an official vehicle assigned to Major Dwivedi had dropped her outside the hospital. When the driver went to pick her up, he was told that the woman had not turned up for the physiotherapy session on Saturday. On the basis of information gathered from the hospital and victim’s mobile gave several clues, the police zeroed down on the accused Major Nikhil Handa who was friends with the victim. Major Nikhil Handa who is a colleague of Major Dwivedi, was spotted with her hours before she went missing from the Army Base hospital. Major Handa had been absconding since the crime came to light .On Sunday, police arrested Army Major Nikhil Handa from Meerut’s Daurala for allegedly killing his colleague Major Amit Dwivedi’s wife Shailza.

What was the motive for murder?

The motive of the murder, according to some senior police officials, “could be personal reasons”. Vijay Singh, DSP, West Delhi reportedly said that they have solid clues about the accused and were sure of working out the case soon. The accused was a friend of the deceased and was spotted with her hours before the murder. The available clues made the police work on love-affair angle.The police revealed that Major Handa and Major Dwivedi’s wife had an affair since 2015. Major Handa had reportedly pressurised the woman for marriage and was very obsessive towards her.

Shailza-Mrs India Earth Finalist 2017-18

Well not many of you would know her. But Shailza was Mrs India earth finalist 2017-18. has Shailza’s details.

Mrs Shailza Dwivedi, Mrs India Earth finalist 2017-18

Shailza hails from Amritsar. She is M.Tech in Urban Planning. She has done masters in Geography and Bachelors in Travel and Tourism Management. She has taught in Guru Nanak Dev University besides working for an NGO. Married to army officer in 2009, Shailza gave up her career and became home maker. She said that she had married the love of her life. She has a son.

Shailza Dwivedi